Business Coaching

Who Needs a Coach?

Even the greatest of sportsmen/women have a coach, or multiple coaches, to keep them fit, strong, motivated, focused and one step ahead of the competition. These coaches are individuals with certain knowledge and skills picked up through years of experience, who have a strong desire to see others succeed.

A Business Coach is very similar - they help keep their client focused and motivated; they challenge them to think laterally and bring ideas and a different perspective to the table. A Coach will help the Client see the key things that are either benefiting or hindering the business and help keep them on track with progress towards identified goals.

Whilst generally having some particular areas of expertise, a Coach needs also to have a good general understanding of business operations and the operating environment. This requires a wide exposure to the issues and challenges facing businesses and their owners and an organised, steady approach to help the business owner feel confident of making decisions to chart the way forward.

Business Remedies Ltd is proud to also provide business coaching services in conjunction with The Icehouse, one of NZ's best-known and respected business training and coaching organisations.

The Icehouse is owned by a not-for-profit trust (The ICE Foundation) and backed by the financial support and expertise of the New Zealand government and an extensive group of committed partners that includes: Bank of New Zealand, Callaghan Innovation, Xero, Vodafone, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and founder The University of Auckland Business School.